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The match was abandoned, and with two of the three umpires refusing to consider a sixth day's play, the result was declared a draw. After drawing the first two Tests of the —84 series, the West Indies swept the Australians aside, winning the remaining Tests, two by ten wickets and one by an innings and 36 runs.

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The fourth and final Test was later referred to as 'make or break for both teams' by the Australian bowler Paul Reiffel. That series saw the Australians whitewash the Caribbeans, winning 5—0, the first such result since the West Indies toured Australia and New Zealand in — Mark Waugh is the most successful fielder in the history of the trophy, with 45 catches. Archived from the original on 23 November Retrieved 6 June BBC Sport.

Wisden Almanack. National Museum of Australia. The Guardian.

Wisden India. Archived from the original on 11 March Archived from the original on 14 August Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 19 July Archived from the original on 1 December Wikimedia Commons has media related to Frank Worrell Trophy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It allows you to play with other people cooperatively, but you first need to unlock it.

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Motors Events. The Huskers took limitless photos with the. They still do not know their opponent for their second. This marks the first-ever Vezina Trophy nomination for Robin Lehner and just the fourth time in franchise history the team has had a goaltender finish in. Isn't it a shame in today's economy that the average age of retirement keeps getting later and later?

Poor old Tom Clancy 's been dead for six years, and he still has to show up for work! What, has the rent on his grave gone up? Does it cost a lot to run the sound system that constantly blares Stars and Stripes Forever into his casket? As someone who fondly remembers a time when there was still auteurism in mainstream gaming - American McGee's Alice , Clive Jericho's Barker , and all that - the Ubisoft swarm continuing to slap the name of a corpse onto its hideous, hyper-capitalist, live service garbage feels like a move specifically designed to annoy me; surely, it's eventually got to occur to one of those duplicated Sorcerer's Apprentice broomsticks at Ubisoft that putting the name of a literal corpse on a game and implying that the game was solely authored and directed by an immobile, mindless, stinking corpse might not be the greatest sales pitch!

Although, I'll grant you, I can't fault it for honest advertising; after having played A Stinking Corpse's Ghost Recon Breakpoint , I've realized that it is officially the game in which the A Stinking Corpse Ubisoft Sandbox finally dropped all pretense. I think he's finally dropped his last pair of pretenses, though. Ghost Recon Breakwind Have I used that one?

Feels like I've used that one starts with our protagonist soldier with a customizable face but non-customizable very growly voice and grumpy attitude arriving at a hostile territory by helicopter; the helicopter is shot down but our protagonist survives, and that's all the setup you're getting, except a few background story points established in a fucking white-on-black text screen beforehand.

This is how I'd start a modern shooter if I were trying to take the piss out of modern shooters!

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So, we survive the crash and are lost and helpless behind enemy lines for about nine seconds before we stumble upon a convenient, fully-stocked military camp full of friendly NPCs from which to stage permanent warfare against the unspecific, numberless force of generic enemy soldiers. See, this is what I mean by dropping all pretense of this being an original work, designed by a visionary to enrich your senses, rather than another fucking hacked-out looter-shooter designed by a corpse to enrich the shareholders.

Who are we? Doesn't matter. Where are we? Who cares? How did we get here? Oak memorials are beautiful applications of these. Usually made from solid oak or mahogany, wooden caskets and urns are designed to carry cremated ashes. These urns are considered the most appropriate for keeping the ashes of a loved one or burying the ashes in a cemetery. Slate memorials are memorials made from traditional slate materials, with the lettering either sand blasted directly into slate or the background blasted away while the lettering is left proud.

Porcelain memorial plaques are made from translucent porcelain to provide a completely fade-resistant permanent outdoor memorial. These can be used alone or, if required, mounted onto wooden or stone plaques. Loading… Loading…. Castings are very relevant in our industries today. They have helped reduce costs and eliminate the strenuous tasks of assembly and inventory.

They are also more efficiently and completely recyclable than plastics. This is why it is being applied in a wide range of sector today. Below are a few of these:. To make bronze lettering, you would need a flat sheet of bronze from which letters are out from. Even though they are lightweight, they are incredibly strong and hard.

The bronze alloy C is well respected for its strength and hardness. When a bronze sheet is set on a table, the letters are cut out to precision using a computer-driven waterjet. This waterjet technique sends a high pressure stream of water that has been infused with powerful abrasive mineral. This then precisely cuts into the bronze plate to reveal intricate details on letters and characters.

To finish the bronze sign letters, they are bead-blasted for smoothness and stroke-sanded for the glowing natural satin finish. Sometimes, these letters are oxidized and treated further in a chemical black. This oxidation process will turn them black, but a stiff sponge will be used to wipe the face and remove part of this black oxidation to reveal the yellow bronze. They could then be hand polished, if desired.

The last step is setting up the letters on a rack for them to be adequately coated with hardened acrylic polyurethane clear-coat before finally being baked in an oven.

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The final products are now carefully laid out for thorough quality inspection. Even when they start changing color because of exposure to various weather conditions, having them routinely rinsed with mild soap and water will usually restore the original appearance of the bronze surface. To etch or mark the surface of a plaque through laser engraving, the use of a laser is required. One of the advantages of laser engraving is that it can be safely used on glass, marble, leather, plastic, metal, stone, and other natural materials.

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Laser engraving is a neat and quick process that leaves behind a clean, crisp, easy-to-see and permanent mark. Sand etching is also known as sandblasting. To follow this process, a mask stencil of your message is required. The stencil can be applied on marble, onyx, wood, glass, crystal, or other material.

Sand is blown using the compressed air that is found in an airbrush, blasting the exposed area of the stencil. This causes the surface to be eroded or roughened, leaving behind what looks like a frosted look with a depth when touched. This process is done with care and skill, as a wrong move could make it cut through glass materials. Bronze sculptures can be made in a number of ways. Below are two techniques of making bronze sculpture:. Sand casting is a cheap and fast way of casting metal. It requires little resources. To do this, you would start by making the mold. Sand is added to a flask made of metal or wood.

This flask must register well and have the ability to withstand the pressure.

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Then, pattern is pressed into the sand. This pattern is often made of wood, but can also be made of wax. Later, the pattern will be removed from the mold so that molten bronze can be poured in the cavity formed by the pattern. After this is done, the next part of the process is to make sure the sand is compacted. A tool can be used to make sure the sand is super dense around the form. This is important for the sand to hold its shape after the pattern is finally removed. With the bottom of the flask rammed well, talc can then be dusted well over the surface of that pattern and sand to serve as a sort of release agent.

Now, you can put the flask together and sift sand over the pattern, continuing to evenly add sand until you are certain that the flask is full. This part is really important. Make sure you ram the sand so much that there is no more space in the flask. Then, when it is filled to the brim, run a straight edge across the top edge of the flask to get rid of any excess sand.

Separate the mold and carefully remove the pattern. You should get good detail if you did a good job, and shape should be accurate. Now, with your mold, carve some channels into the sand so that the bronze can find a way to enter and fill up the mold. With the channels cut into the sand, you can now put the flask back as they were together and get ready to pour. Heat up the bronze till it is about 2, degrees Fahrenheit hot. Be careful with this. Needless to say, safety first! Now start filling up the mold slowly. Apart from the heat, this is the easy and fun part.

After it is full, allow the bronze to cool down. When it is cool, the bronze should separate easily from the sand. Maybe you might even fix some imperfections and minor errors in the casting. You can make it pretty by sand blasting or wire brushing.

Now the mold is ready for patina or, if it is a larger piece, casting. Start by fabricating the geometry around the casting if it is a wall hanging sculpture. Begin to tack-weld the forms together. Keep tack-welding the forms until you have the entire piece together. You can then weld the whole thing up, dress up the welds if that is what you want and generally make it nice. Make sure the metal is clean before applying heat and chemicals like ferric nitrate, ammonium sulfide and cuprice nitrate for the patina.