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How about Coupons Unlimited? How quick are they for their shipping? I have used these services and Ebay to take advantage of truly great deals like the opportunity to stack a Target insert coupon and manufacturer coupon to get Juicy Juice boxes for. It was well worth the small fee to be able to fill my cupboard with these. I used it for many years and as the site grew the list became unreliable and forget about refunds if you were unhappy with their service their customer service was horrible! Can anyone tell me how DealofDay compares? I have used a coupon clipping service that also has an EBay store, but they have just moved to their own website.

They are located in Ohio and ship very fast.

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Clip and Ship are now, apparently, a fundraising site. Thanks, though! I Own Couponbeat. You can order one coupon or coupons :. Thanks Crystal CouponBeat. I have recently ordered coupons and now I love it- I actually save more money now that before- I mostly use ourcouponclippingservice.

I have used coupons and things by DeDe.. I have also used kitty klippers on ebay…Great as well. What a Mess!! Our minimum is only 3 of each coupon and most all the coupon finding and clipping fees are just 0.

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Shipping is only 0. Dave, I took a look at your site, and expirations for several coupons were June and July When will the website be updated?

Thank you! Some coupons are limited to Ten.

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Coupons by Dede : No information about order minimum. Postage is added to all coupon requests. Handling fees can be paid by cash no coins , money order no personal checks , stamps, free coupons I can use or Paypal transfers no credit cards or eChecks. Unless you are using Paypal, a credit balance is required. Coupons will be held until payment is received. Ebay : You can also buy coupons on Ebay. Just search for the particular coupon you are looking for and see what is available.

Ebay is a good place to buy a large number of the same coupon. You must order a minimum of 5 of any coupon. But to me when would it make sense to use of such service? To have coupons to stock on items I use a lot: right now I can think of things like wipes and diapers.

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I have bought coupons and held on to them until a sale came around to save a good deal of money. To take advantage of double coupon promotions or cyclical sales I have identified at my grocery store. I have identified a few items that frequently show up on these types of sales and you can often find manufacturer coupons for them.

Choose from a selection of recent coupons, laid out in shopping cart style. The coupons will have a handling fee of 5 cents and up per coupon, depending on the value of the coupon. A shipping fee is added to your order on top of that. Then they will mail it to you within a few days, depending on how far away you are and which shipping option you choose. That means your order, credit card info, and personal info are secure when transmitted through their site.

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The process of getting SSL certified is a long and arduous task, taking several months. So I applaud Coupons and Things by Dede for doing this. They offer email updates of the newest coupons and a rewards program towards more coupons. And they have a maximum order quantity per coupon. They have a wide variety coupons, a count on how many coupons are remaining, live customer service, and a link to store sales.

And you must create a login account in order to view coupons. Have you tried any of these coupon clipping services? Are there other coupon clipping services you recommend? Please leave a comment. Your email address will not be published.