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For graduates, please use your My. ICO username and password. Registration is easy. Just click the link Search: Search. Feb 23, Jan 8, Jan 10, To describe Telegram's planned initial coin offering ICO as ambitious would be an understatement. And it's not only because the provider of a By connect the crypto-assets with the real estate coupon, it provided the token holders with a diversified, risk adjusted portfolio.

NAREIG is not a new comer in real estate industry, it established in and already have an established team. It is also the leading brand among Chinese high net worth investors. All the management team member has more than 15 years manager experience. Experienced team with solid real estate knowledge and firsthand client handle skill. The token holder can redeem at any time or sale to other real estate buyers. Common reasons: Disagreement on rewards Fraud or plagiarism Hate speech or trolling Miscategorized content or spam.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Sign up. Scott and Megan, aka Bobo and Chichi, started their nomadic and traveling lifestyle after quitting their corporate jobs in the US to teach English and travel abroad in Seoul, South Korea where they started their travel blog and making videos. Today the duo travels around the world as a full on production team hired by destinations and companies to promote incredible travel spots all over the world and share their personal travel tips, travel guides, photos, and unique videos across their channels and their website.

Global organizations and corporations around the world in the industry of exchange, investment, media, and diverse spheres have joined to collaborate. Latest and hottest news about Foresting around the world. Paid for the cafe latte at the store Cryptocurrency has become a daily routine. Foresting mobile voucher interworking. Enjoy it at cafes and theaters as a reward for activities on social media.

Blockchain based rewarding social media, Foresting announced April 23 that it will introduce 30 types of mobile coupons available at 60, stores in South Korea on April Rewarding lifestyle social media, Foresting has successfully completed close-beta test and announced that open-beta service will introduce on April On April 12, rewarding lifestyle social media platform, Foresting signed MOU with iCampung, a university community plaform.

Foresting announces that it has launched a pre-registration event on May 5 ahead of its open beta this month. On March 25, rewarding lifestyle social media platform developer, Foresting HQ, announced that it has maintained to be in top 10 trading coins in term of volume for the last four days since it was listed on the global crypto exchange, Bittrex, on March Foresting platform built in rewarding system announces that the company token PTON listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex on March To boost and improve its platform, Foresting, lifestyle social media built on the blockchain technology, reached an agreement with dApp Decentralized Application developing company - FLETA on March Foresting PTON token will be available to purchase mobile coupons for 60, stores nationwide.

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Recently, alongside with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, LG Electronics and KakaoTalk announced the introduction of a cryptocurrency wallet inferring a mass adoption of crypto coins in Korea. Dear friends! But what can you actually do with PTON? On 25th of February, Foresting HQ announced that it will launch its rewarding social media platform in April. How can blockchain change the modern life and existing economic model?

So far Steemit has been popular with Korean journalists and bloggers,. Global blockchain enthusiasts have gathered once again at the Marina Bay Sands for the Consensus: Singapore blockchain conference. Over blockchainers and crypto enthusiasts turned up for the maiden Foresting Meetup, held at the DeCentre Blockchain Caffe in Gangnam, last Tuesday.

The first edition of Blockchain Open Forum Seoul closed on Friday June 29 with heads up high about the future of blockchain, not only in Korea, but global. The first edition of Blockchain Open Forum Seoul closed on Friday June 29 with heads up high about the future of blockchain, not only in Korea but global. Foresting is truly honoured to be featured among the top 13 blockchain startups in Korea.

Foresting and Decentre arrived in New York for Consensus to expand their global partnerships and networks. There are tons of valuable contents consumed online every second. The number of online content creators keeps growing by the day. Vitalik Buterin, ethereum founder, hopes to overcome the limitations of blockchain technology in three years. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum arrived in Seoul to emphasize the need for a more proactive stance on blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations in Korea.

Here you can find frequently asked questions and our answers. It is truly difficult to invade cryptocurrency because of the security feature.

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A cryptocurrency is not issued by any central authority which is its organic nature, which makes it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation from other source. The exchange of PTON tokens for other currencies is token sale. Blockchain Open Forum Blockchain Open Forum brought together world-class professionals and experts from the blockchain ecosystem to share significant knowledge and insights with startup leaders. Is fully Optimised for all Devices.

Features Categories for Different Interests. Support all forms of content. Brings you More Privacy Control. Work four hours a day, share every moment, and manage your life. Whitepaper v. Exchange Listing.

David Kim Founder. Jimmy Kim Co-Founder. TJ Park Co-Founder. David Lee Chief Strategy Officer.

Hyeonjun Park Chief Creative Officer. Sungtae Chun Chief Marketing Officer. Seungheon Lee Full Stack Developer. Duckhyun Kim Full Stack Developer. Michelle Choi Strategy Team Leader. Jakhongir Gulomov Strategy Manager. Monica Lee Design Team Leader. Hyejin Bae Front-End-Developer.


Aram Ju Front-End-Developer. Sehee Lee MK Manager. Sungjin Kang OM Manager. Seungmin Lee OM Manager. ADVISORS Specialists and innovators who have excelled in blockchain, social media ,and business around the world have joined our project to offer their expertise. Deputy Director, Kakao Corp. Bachelor's Degree, Korea University. D, Materials Science and Engineering.

Louis School of Law. Northwestern University, Major in Economics leave of absence. SGI, Executive Director. Lee Wilkins Exchange Union, Int. Marketing Director. Managing Partner. Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Sang Min Kim Former Congressman. Kevin Wright Bitcoin. Ava Lawrence Founder at Pawmetrics. Kevin Wright Technical Writer at Bitcoin.

Minwoo Park Cheif Operating Officer. Clayton Jacobs Blockchain.

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