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Canon Maintenance Service is here to help. Regardless of how careful you are with your gear, dust, debris, and wear are inevitable. From the active photographer to the casual amateur anyone can experience these effects which may lead to diminished image quality. To avoid this, we recommend periodically having your gear cleaned and checked by a Canon Factory Service Technician. Best of all, if during the CMS we find something that requires more than just a cleaning to correct, we will contact you with a description of the problem and what we recommend to do to fix it.

You can be sure that your camera performs the way it was intended to and you can be ready for that perfect shot! The image sensor is one of the most critical parts of your DSLR to maintain optimal image quality, while the mirror and other optics must be clean to avoid autofocus errors. Your lens is the first step on the way to turning a memory into a picture and the optics must be clean for optimal image quality. Your lens contacts must be clean to ensure that the lens and the camera are communicating properly.

This service covers cleaning and maintenance of external components of the camera or lens, as well as the following internal components of the camera: image sensor, mirror, and focus screen. If, upon inspection, additional services are necessary which require the camera or lens body to be disassembled or parts to be replaced, this will be considered a repair and you will receive a repair estimate. In this case, any payment made previously for the Canon Maintenance Service will be refunded.

A complete cleaning of the camera will be performed including the all important image sensor. Up to 18 individual inspections are made to insure that your camera is working as designed. Should our technician find something of concern you will be provided with the option to have it repaired charges may apply minimizing down time.

A complete cleaning of the lens will be performed. These services can be provided as a billable chargeable repair for each item. My Canon. Yes i have a wife and kids. Hence the bucks is a stretch. Please hurry with your answer you know how fast money can go. I own a nikon N80, 4 lenses.

Would i be better to buy the older model pro dx in prime cond or a relatively newer nikon General amateur photography landscape , lightning,nature. Definitely go with the D I think it supports all your lenses better double-check that if you can. Hello Armand: Thanks for your quick reply , much appreciated!!! That lens would be the equivilant to mm for aboutbucks. And their dust sensor sounds good??? I do know ill be limited by the brand but they do seem to have alot of innovations in their camera. Naturally pic quality is foremost , how do you feel about their lens?

Oh the tortue of picking whats best!!!! You get now an used Nikon but you keep th lenses. Still, do your homework. Walk into a store and try the Evolt. Try to shoot some samples from both kinds of cameras and make an informed decision based on quality, price, ergonomics and so on. The later is actually the main reason for the switch due to being unable to take decent close-up photos. I figured that I might be better off with a manual focus. Alas, I have not taken any phototography classes, but wish to learn to take good photos in this case, probably through experience.

If it matters at all, the compact digital camera I currently have is a 7. The model number escapes me at the moment. I guess i new along i would end up with a nikon. Now I have to choose between 11 segment or 3 segment Af metering. D40x with the extra pixels or D50 for more metering and choice of lens?? But most of all all id really like is to get a shot of an Eagle in flight.

Well ill keep trying. One of these days mabey ill feel that line tugging!!! I mean, there are people who only do that and nothing else. The good thing is, Nikon has a very good AF system so you can track moving things with relative ease. For this, the more focus points you have, the better. Hard to give an unbiased answer. I like Sony and they to make some good stuff, with excellent value for money especially in the entry-level area. So, if think photography will be your main source of income in the future, go with Canon.

If not, walk into a store that has both cameras, hold each one in your hand and make a few shots, see which one you like best in terms of handling. I was initially deciding between Nikon D and D and settled upon the as the general consensus seems to be that it is well worth the added cost. Obviously the latter is more expensive…which I can afford, but I would rather not spend the extra money unless it makes sense to and is justified by higher-quality performance. Uhmm… I was thinking about the canons, the Rebel t1i.. Hello, i am new to dslr and i cannot decide between nikon d90 and nikon d…some help please :D.

Nikon D is a really old camera Unless you intend to buy it at a bottom-bargain price, go with a D Hi Armand , you have documented an unbiased article. Feels good to know the depth of photographic elements. Could you please enlighten about its cons?? After you get comfortable with it, I suggest you buy some more lenses. Great info here. I have no plans to go pro. I enjoy taking landscape and night photography with longer exposures. Or does splurging for it make more sense if I would need to upgrade in years anyhow? Within the Canon line, what other model would you suggest?

Yes, any dSLR will be a dramatic change from a compact. Canon 5D is a great camera mainly used by professional photographers, especially for portrait works. Get a wide-angle lens too!

Armand i am planning to go for my first DSRL to experience amazing quality of photo for travel and fun. Plz guide me which brand and which model i should go for? Is it really a worth of going for Canon D. Yes, that camera would just fit within your budget. However, I suggest you get the newer version, the Canon D. Mark, 1. Your AI lenses should work on new Nikons, except maybe for some entry-level cameras.

You may try to get a used D40 for this money… it might work with your old lenses, but no guarantees. Armand, I have two teen-aged girls who are getting into photography. One is in college and is take photography courses the other is in high school and wants DSLR. I too jumped into the hobby as a kid and bought a Nikon FM instead of a car at I have the FM still and about 8 lenses from macro to zoom lenses and all are compatible with the old Nikon AI. I have 3 questions. Are any of these lenses usable with the newer DSLRs?

If not, is there any resale value in this stuff, all are Nikkor lenses, that would allow me to sell them to pay for a current DSLR setup. Dear Armand, Thanks for your valuable suggestion. One more thing want to know as per as the photo quality is concern which brand is more trust-able between Canon and Nikon? As I mentioned in the article, in terms of image quality both manufacturers as well as Sony, Pentax can deliver great images with low noise and brilliant colors. Hello there Armand! I enjoyed reading this article very much but I will admit, I am still a bit confused.

That is because I only had a pocket cheap camera which doesnt quite do what I want. I admit, I dont want to spend euros for my first DSRL camera but what I would want to capture are those foggy water scenes and at the same time to frozen in time some splashes, deep backgrounds but at the same time macros…and I dont know what camera can do all I want… Here are some examples of what I mean. The Foggy water I would also love to have, it says it has 30 seconds shutter speed and I would die to know how they get those lovely colors just with the camera, or is it edited?

Please help me by telling me what kind of camera should I look out for. Thank you in advance! Carina, nice art you have there on Deviant! This flexibility that you want is the very appeal of DSLRs. This is why people love them and why they are prepared to spend some good money. The first two pics you might be able to achieve with a compact. Foggy water and waterfalls can be achieved with long shutter speeds, the longer the better.

Third pic — no way you can do that with a compact! The light control is very specific, you need some external flashes to do that. What kind of camera? Hi Armand Read your article very carefully and the best part it was really unbiased.. Area of interest Landscape and portraits.. Hard to say. What pros and cons would I be looking at this devices?

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They both seem very good but I need to get 1 item only ;-. On the other hand, the Nikon is smaller and a bit more beginner-friendly. Completely new to the DSLR world and currently struggling on which camera to get. The first decision i need to make is whether to go for an entry level camera and see how much i enjoy it with the view of upgrading it if i get into it, and if so which one the canon or the nikon ?

OR spend more now and go for the canon which will give me more scope to develop and learn? In truth, the differences between an entry-level and a mid-level dsrl are often convenience- rather than performance- related. Hello Armand! I m starting Professional course for photography. This course includes still and also model shots. I m looking SLR. I m looking one among Nikon D90 and D In ur opnion which one of these wld be better for me and my work. Between the two, definitely a D I bought my first DSLR only recently after months of research which ended up on your page.

I just remembered how your advice on holding the camera and feeling right about it had helped me while buying my DSLR. And also the resolution bit, the part about the brand.. So yeah, thank you. You mention in your article about tilted-viewfinders. This is a feature that I really like. The d is the least expensive choice, but the a55 is the only camera with the tilted viewfinder.

Personally, I am not fond of after-market solutions. In terms of noise, the Sony a55 is on par with the Canon T2i. I am just moving out of point and shoot [so very much a beginner ] , and photography is more of a hobby. I am planning to start with mm and also like to get macro lens one day as i have this crazy desire for shooting tiny things. Can you please suggest?? There are basically 3 differences between the two cameras: — the 60D has a better viewfinder — the 60D can shoot more images in a burst 5 fps as opposed to 3 fps — the 60D is advertised as dust and water resistant.

If you intend to buy from Amazon. Hi Armand, I am looking for a dSLR for sport pictures — in particular swimming, volleyball and basketball. What is your opinion between the Canon T3i, Nikon or the Sony a55? Or is there another camera in that price range you would recommend? Thank you for all of your good information. Lauren, what you want is a very demanding kind of photography. Truly professional results are difficult in that price range. Fast autofocus, good predictive autofocus, many frames per second and high ISO performance are a must.

In addition, fast telephoto lenses are required — and they are more expensive than the camera. On paper, Sony a55 has the advantage 15 focus points vs. So what can I say — try both cameras in a store and choose the one you prefer in terms of ergonomics. My questions are: 1 how do you rate both DSLR?

I mean the cost to buy new lenses or their resell values. Repeat for Canon. Buy the one you liked most! Is it worth the consideration? If money is important, the Nikon D will do. In terms of features, the Sony a55 and the Canon D are better cameras. Dear Armand Thank you for your article. What do you think about Pentax KX? Thank you. Personally I love diversity in cameras, because diversity mean competition and competition means that we the buyers win.

Hello, very useful article. Greetings from Venezuela. Luis, based on features, my top would be 1.

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Canon D60, 2. Sony a55, 3. Nikon D, 4. Pentax K-r. Hey Mr. Armad, your article is amazing. I grew a passion for photography recently. I like to do HDR, street photography, and i also like to shot videos. Also i read about the moire and aliasing problem in the canon 60D. Can you help me to decide please?

Hey Armand, Just wanted to say thanks for the article, it is very informative for us beginners! Thanks again for your help! Thank you for your incredibly helpful article and replies to comments. We both plan on taking a class. Primarily we will use our cameras for taking shots of kids and family. I went to my local store and liked the feel of both the Sonys and the Cannons the Nikons were a tad too big for my small hands. I really like the speed of the Sonys and what you said about image stabilization in the camera appealed to me.

However, I think this might turn into a decent hobby for me and I worry there might be advantages to being with an established brand like Canon. For anything short of full-time professional work, the Sony will do fine. Still, Canon is the safest choice. Good luck!

Hello Armand, thank you for your article it was very helpful to me, i went to the local store as you suggested to see the cameras, i liked the canon d and the nikon d, would you help me decide please? I read that nikon d does not have autofocus, should that affect my decision at all? Are they more expensive? If not, which of these two better as my first DSLR? Thanks a lot. I have Sony a55 and Canon t2i in my mind.

I see that Canon has better resolution but Sony has lot many other features. Can you tell me personally which one you feel is better for still photography? If you envision a professional career in photography, Canon is a safer bet for the future. I doubt whether sony has equivalent image quality to nikon canon please suggest…. Nikon uses sensors made by Sony. In terms of image quality they are all pretty much the same.

The Sony a33 uses an electronic viewfinder, which some prefer and others despise. I am confused with the veriety of cameras available in the market. The purpose of buying camera is landscape and potrait. Such an informative article, thanks heaps. So the question is whether I should get A or its older brother A, when they will be released in donw under around Nov. Both seems to be impressive cameras at least in specs-wise, but A is substantially cheaper than A that comes with a high quality kit lens.

I appreciate if you can share your view on why or why not one should choose A over A I usually shoot macro especially insects , urban. However, I would wait for a month or two before getting the a65 or a The specs for a77 24 Mp, 12 fps, great focus tracking are excellent but Photoshop ACR does not support its RAW files yet, the image quality at high ISO is still in question and a few early users are reporting strange lockups. Both cameras have sweeping panoramas mode, HDR functions and at least the A77 detachable screen would let you shoot insects at weird angles.

Armand, I am a Fine Arts student and a professor has suggested that I buy a DSLR for documenting my work, which is becoming increasingly site-specific where documentation is a must. If you need to produce large prints, the more resolution, the better. Hey Armand! So glad I came across your article. Anyways I have a price point of around 1, with lens.

I also know that I want to grow with my Camera and maybe make some money on the side. Can you suggest some Canons and Nikons that are great cameras and work within my budget. Also suggestions for Lens I would be doing mostly portraits. Thank you soooo much! I did some more research…. I am so confused. I want to spend a little more the camera body knowing that it will probably be the only one i ever buy. I also want to buy a decent lens. Again I would like to keep it around 1, I found a site that sells them new for dirt cheap :.

Let me know your suggestions. Again I will be doing mostly portrait work, and photojournalism style photos. The Canon 60D is definitely better and start saving for some lenses : Lenses suitable for portraits tend to be quite expensive. Thanks so much for your response!! The 1. I hear very good things about this nikon. Do have any experience with this camera and which lens is more suitable for indoor portraits?? They are very good but you pay a brand premium. With Nikon D vs.

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I have being using a Sony Cyber Shot, However I would now want to expand my horizons and am looking for DSLR for the past couple of months. The purpose of my photography would be to capture some to the best moments life has to offer with my family kids and pet in particular and do some amateur level landscape and wild life work as well. So far I have been able to short list two cameras, Canon D and Nikon D and shall seek your opinion in making my decision. Basis the requirement I have mentioned above would you help me with:. First up…thank you for edging me in the right direction and making me steer away from all in one deals!!!

I have decided to go for Canon over both Nikon or Sony because of the availability of accessories, lenses and after sales support in India. After about a month of looking have shortlisted two lenses to begin with and then may be graduating to better lenses a. Canon…it is all the same with Canon being a touch less expensive.

The predicament is with Body to chose and it boils down to either D or D. Deep gratitude towards your efforts. Neither Canon nor Nikon have image-stabilized bodies; they rely on in-lens stabilization, which is more expensive. Sony and Pentax offer image stabilization in body. Pentax K5 is a wonderful camera, but you might have problems finding lenses and other accessories locally, so do a little research. For families and vacations and maybe some paid work here and there, go Sony.

If you see yourself going semi-pro or pro, go Nikon. I have a Pentax slr with a few lenses and am looking to get into a dslr, what would you suggest? I know the future is not certain for Pentax but since I already have the accessories I need would it be an ok option, or should I just start over with a different brand? Considering that you already have the lenses, I say stick with Pentax.

So please suggest me the best one. They are both great cameras. So if you want best-in-class and money is no problem, the Nikon will have a small edge. For the most bang for the buck, get the Canon. I have a whole article dedicated to lenses. But after many frustrating shoots where out of photos I had 25 usable ones editing and all I know its time to move on. I am a bit unsure of what I would need! I think a pro camera is maybe unnecessary, but because I am publishing these photos; I am not sure going entry level is the best idea either. What can you suggest for me? Or is it suggested to go for a gently used model like a Canon 40D?

Rachel, your case is more special, you need to shoot at high speed in low light. You did not specify what kind of concerts you shoot. Some band in a club is different than a stage performance with lots of motion. So, I would start by picking a fast lens. The 85mm lens has the advantage of fast focusing the Tamron may be a little slow, again, it depends on the find of concert. Armand, thanks for your reply! I usually have a press pass for first three songs and can be in the photo pit at the foot of the stage. From there its to the back to try and capture stolen moments : In the summer there are the larger festivals with much bigger stages.

This venue did not have a photo pit here, I was near the front trying to get a shot. In the other venues, there re pits; but this show was a perfect example of every brick wall I hit with the canon powershot. Fast movement, low light but with bright tungsten stage lights, and a need for zoom. Composition is fine, but the actual mechanics of the shot sucked. And this is not how I want to be known as a photographer. After your reply, Im thinking the 40d semi pro cam in my price range or the Nikon D Between these two a preference?

The Canon 40D is 4 years older than the Nikon D With the Nikon you get better hi-ISO performance, video recording which may come in handy for concerts and higher resolution 16Mp vs. Wow, what great advice so far! I have a set of lenses for my Canon Rebel and another set of lenses for my Yashica FX-2 dinosaur. The digital world is very overwhelming. Subject matter is mainly kids, outdoors, travel, or nature with the occasional macro. All I am looking for is a Canon with a good sensor, simple features, and high quality.

Well, with the 60D you get a bigger, brighter viewfinder, more fps, better battery life and a more solid body with environmental sealing. Think of two cars with similar torque, top speed and mileage, but one of them with leather seats and DVD screens. My advice is usually get a cheaper body and use the saved money for good glass lenses. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for, as both cameras seem nearly identical on paper. I went to an electronics store yesterday to see the size comparison and get a feel for each camera in my hands.

The T3i is closer in size and shape to my Rebel and felt more natural whereas the 60D felt too big for my fingers to wrap around. Thanks again. They are pretty much the same; the Nikon D has a very slight edge. My advice is to go in a camera shop, try both of them and get the one you find more ergonomic. Hi Armand, Very good article, thank you.

It is an SLT camera, is there any significant difference except the lack of optical view? Any advice would be welcome, many thanks. OVF optical viewfinder is a matter of taste. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. As with other cases, you have to try it for yourself. Thanks for your reply. My main focal points are landscape and city, in low light too. It seems that the older versions D and A35 come in better deals with teleobjectove lens. Also, which one would you recommend, the Sony or the Canon?

Canon vs. Sony boils down to whether or not you like the EVF — you have to try it yourself.

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Sony a35 vs. I found your article very helpful but I still have a few questions. I am asking for a DSLR camera for christmas. I am a college student, and I will be studying abroad for a semester and I really enjoy photography. I have been very interested in owning my own DSLR for some time now. What would you recommend for me?

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What would you recommend is the best camera for the money that will give me the best shots? I was leaning toward the nikon D, or the cannon rebel t3 but I feel that the t3 might be not as good of quality as the nikon. I would ultimately I think prefer the cannon rebel t3i but its so expensive. What do you think? What would you do? Nikon is like Coca Cola vs. Pepsi, only worse. Heaven forbid you get between a group on fanboys. The advantages over the Nikon D would be a better LCD articulated and with higher resolution and more megapixels 18Mp vs.

It really depends on how much money are you willing to spend. If you have the budget ready, go for the Canon. Hey Armand, Rather useful advice, much appreciated. I take a fair range of pictures. You name it, they do it and mostly in crappy lighting conditions or at speed — or both! Ideally those should be good enough to use in publicity materials, from website thumnails to big posters. I know it might be more difficult initially to go straight to a mid-level DSLR, but the camera body will ideally be a one-off purchase, with any future money going on lenses, so I think it could be worth the pain in the long-run.

And before the finepix I had a canon PowerShot S1 IS and I did love the articulated screen on it but not sure that an articulated screen alone would be reason to choose one camera over another. A Pentax K-5 might be nice for you. The LCD is fixed though. My only concern is in finding more lenses and other accessories for it.

They have the biggest marketshare so you can find lots of new and used lenses and upgrade paths in the future. Thank you for that, I really appreciate it. I like the idea of in-body stabilisation, I imagine that could save me a lot on lenses in the long run. Hi Armand, Your guide is very unbiased and shed some lights. Thank you for the great write-up. My use in photography is shooting family, outdoor trips with family, my newborn baby. I will also be shooting videos at times. Oh and this is gonna be my first DSLR.

I spent lot of time in snapsort and dpreview. I am really confused. I have seen and held the mentioned cameras in hand and as this is my first DSLR, I felt comfortable with all the 3 cameras. Please suggest me one. Saleem, I am not a dedicated videographer, but why would you require 24p mode? For consumer stuff, 24p is little more than a gimmick in my opinion. I mean, Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit at 48 fps. If you like it, go for it! Thanks for the suggestion, Armand. Apart from the video mode, which will be your suggestion? Gonna make the purchase today :.

Thank you for the in-depth article: most useful! I think the Canon Rebel T3 will meet my needs. With these concerns in mind, how difficult is it to keep dust out of the camera body and lenses? Is it worth the substantial extra cost to purchase the T3i just for the sensor cleaning function? And do you have any tips that will help a beginner to keep her lenses and camera clean? My first dSRL din not have a sensor cleaning function either. I took that camera to vacations and I cleaned it every 6 months or so. People who go on safari have major dust problems, even with sealing. Overall, if you can afford the T3i, it would be a better investment.

Regarding cleaning sensors, there are websites selling various products and specialized shops. I enjoy landscape photography a lot, but I generally do some of everything. I do travel a fair amount also. How do these two compare? But would the T2i truly be a better investment? It has higher resolution, it has a better LCD and has other minor features.

Thank you Armand for all the information you have posted. The information is very helpful and professional. I later purchased a Sigma mm Is the hot shoe compatible? Thanks again, for your great work. Save money for lenses. Buy a new Canon in 2 years. Hello Armand. It was great to read your highly informative article. Since i do have the basic starter knowledge of using dslrs and their functioning, I was planning on skipping the entry level models and goin for a step higher one. Nikon D, D Could you suggest which one should I go for? Or if you would recommend any other?

Appreciate your help. Birds in flight require a different kind of gear than snails :. Anyway, Nikon D is definitely the most advanced. I would recommend it if you do lots of sports, nature or birds — areas where you need to track the subject a lot. However, if you do a lot of macro and landscape, Canon 60D gives you a bit better resolution and an articulated screen, which come in handy for macro. Hi Armand…. Kostas, try a Canon T3i D or a Sony a Start saving money for lenses.

Dear Armand, I wish to buy a camera just for taking pictures for travelling which can do more than ordinary digital camera. I saw my cousin using Canon G11 2 years before which it took pictures with nice colour and it have more funtions than normal digital camera. And I think it do not need any lenses as well. I wish to buy a camera but there are too many camersa out there which really confuse me. I hope you can help me by giving me some suggestion about the camera I wish to buy.

My requirements as below: -Wide angle without extra lense. Is it the Canon G11 still the best choice for this type of camera although it is nearly 2 years ago? What are the differences between G11 and G Is it any others choices from different brand with similiar specifications? Crystal, sorry, I am not familiar with the latest compact cameras.

Anyway, I suggest you get a Canon T3i with mm lens from Amazon. Tamron has a similar lens. Anyway, generally speaking, in the mid-range and top models, the Nikons have a slight quality advantage and higher prices. For most people these differences are too small to matter and there are top photographers using either brands. It helped me tremendously in narrowing down the model type as well as giving me a broad perspective into the world of dslr.

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Canon D if you can afford it; D otherwise. Please note that entry-level cameras are not weather-proof. I thought it would suit you better as a student. Hello Armand, My daughter is entering high school next year. She is very passionate about photography and video. She will be taking photography courses. I would like to purchase a dslr for her. The only class requirements for her camera are that it has auto and manual focus as well as the ability to change lenses. I predict that her passion for photography will only grow so I would like a camera that can grow with her through high school.

I would say get an entry-level dSLR — no bells and whistles. Canon D or Nikon D If you see that she really develops passion and talent for photography, you can buy her a nice lens later. Hi and thanks for the great website! I have a buidget of eur, what would you suggest? Thanks for your time!! If you want to stay within your budget, Nokon d is a nice entry-level camera.

Well, it seems that they are below with lenses included.. Which ones from those models taking also into account the lens coming with it would you recommend? By the way recommend me a cheap and best camera body but it has to be well and good to improve my system in future , I am really looking forward for your advice. Very nice pics. Well done.

What camera you should buy depends on what money you have. So you wanna take over the world! I get it. Having said that, both Canon and Nikon have cameras for up to the very top. Canon T3i with mm lens is a very capable camera. Also i see many of them come with m lenses, will this be adequate to begin with as i get to grips with the basics of my camera? Many thanks :. Great article. I was considering the Nikon D because of the image quality but feel like I may be shutting myself off to other great features.

Any recommendations? I need some help. I have been looking at the canon 60D, Nikon D and the Sony a I like the 60D but it maybe to big for the person I am giving it to as a Christmas present. Does this take away from the actual quality and detail of the pictures? Basically I understand that the peep hole you look thru works on mirrors with a true DSLR like the 60D, but with the a55 its an translucent mirrior. Does this take away from the ending picture result?

The reason I ask is my G. She has taken pictures for family and friends weddings, parties, fundraising events for work. She basically carries her Coolpix L or whatever the of it is everywhere we go. So I dont mind buying the correct camera for someone that will grow to maybe taking pro like pics. I am getting her private lessons as well so it can be a moderately user unfriendly if you will. Kinda of like the 60D has so many manual sttings that I have learned aobut in the past couple months she may never grow out of that camera if its the one I buy. Now I do understand that ultimatley she will have to make the decision on does it feel good in her hands but thats a big reason Im so interested in the a55 too, its very small compared to the others.

The good thing is she will have a couple days to play with it then I will take her up to the store to see if she wants another choice givin she doesnt like the one I choose. So, Canon 60D vs. Nikon D — Canon 60D wins. Canon 60D vs. Sony a65 is a great camera but I would hesitate recommending it for someone looking for a full time professional photographic career. So if she wants to become a pro, as in having photography as the main source of income, Canon 60D is the way to go.

Pentax K-x is a good camera, albeit a little dated. Pentax K-r is newer. I am trying to get good pictures of my children showing their show pigs for FFA. Simply put, you need near professional-grade camera and lenses. Sony a55 is a nice camera that uses an electronic viewfinder or LCD at all times unlike traditional dSLRs and has the ability to shoot at up to 10 frames per second, which is great for fast action. You can push the ISO to and still get usable pics. Now please be aware that this setup is also pretty heavy! They are not quite entry-level. True entry-level cameras are Nikon D and Canon D.

Hey Armand, I really appreciate your site and all the comments and information you have provided. If not, could you suggest one that might? My focus is mainly on landscape, nature, and urban environments, as well as some macro. Not a lot of portraits though.

Thanks for anything you can give me!

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A canon 60D will serve you well for the type of photography you want, but you will have to invest in some good lenses. I want something that will take very high quality photos but am put off by the cumbersome nature of slrs, and there seems to be little difference other than price between the epl1 and later pen models. My subjects are general — mainly people and scenery, looking to step up to a decent camera.

Thank you so much, Happy Christmas. Same sensor as dSLR, touch screen, interchangeable lenses, compact body. I am a beginner in the field of photography, but at the same time very passionate about it. I was planning to buy my first DSLR, so could you suggest me any good model and the lens for the same??? For the time being, i am not actually focussed to any particular section of photography, but my current first motive behind it being to capture my vacation trips.

My budget is limited to euros maximum. Waiting for your reply……. Try a Canon D with the kit lens. It should be just fine to get you started and fits your budget. I would like to ask a few specific questions regarding my own impending first DSLR purchase. Shots of the entire creative process are very important nowadays for social web marketing etc. Her subjects vary widely, from insects on flowers to larger, more distant subjects. I like the Canon T2i a. As for lenses, you can spend a small fortune on them.

Thanks for the information, Armand. Very useful. Like a lot of people here, I would like to take the next step to taking great pictures with a dslr but, like you say, your skill is more important than the camera itself. So, once we have a decent dlsr in hand, what is the next step? Would you recommend taking a class? Is there a good online resource? Book we should read? Thank you in advance. Taking a class is a good way to get up to speed faster, but ultimately you still need to read and practice a lot. You can learn the basics of photography controlling exposure, basic framing over a weekend or a week at most.

The rest is years of practice. Portrait lighting is more complicated, but ultimately it still boils down to practice, practice…. It would be cool to see you highlight some good online resources, books, and newbie practice techniques. Hai Armand! Thanks for this good article. But I quit confuse to choose between D and eosd.

Can you suggest me one of this two model? I dont know much on dslr. And I found on internet that d doesnt have built in motor and eos have it. Is it important to get a built in motor dslr? Another one, i found that autofocus on eosd is much slower than d Is this a really big difference? The differences are only in details. Nikon offers small refinements but also has a higher price. Hi, Armand! Happy New Year, and thanks for the great info. I am frustrated with the lack of speed of my compact cameras and am ready to graduate to an slr. My main subjects are my 9 and 11 year old kids.

I want to go beyond the cute birthday picture and capture their expressions when she is ready to kick that penalty shot or right after he hits a home run. I also want the photos we take during our awesome trips to reflect the beauty of the scenery around us although, most of these shots will also include people. Would love your advice. Thanks so much. Thank you, Armand, so much! I plan on keeping this for a looong time. LOL, looks like they dropped the price. I loved reading this. You mentioned that buying a cheaper body and purchase lenses. I have a Canon Rebel t3.

Im a beginner. What lens do you think will do the job? Right now i have the kit lens and i purchased a mm