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The impact of this challenge is medium during the short- to mid-term and low during the long term. Key Drivers Impacting the Growth of The Market One of the key strengths of the alkaline battery chemistry is its ability to power day-to-day gadgets such as alarm clocks, electric shavers, remote controls and radios among others. The demand for alkaline batteries is steady at present, but this is likely to change with increasing usage of these batteries in transitional from carbon zinc regions of the world.

Alkaline batteries are primary disposable batteries, which need to be replaced after it is completely discharged. On average, an alkaline battery is expected to power a device for a period of two to four months except in a few low-drain applications , after which it needs to be replaced by a new battery. This creates demand for these batteries.

Wide-spread availability, coupled with a wide choice offered by the manufacturers according to the applications different series of alkaline batteries are launched in medium-drain, high-drain and low-drain applications , create demand for the alkaline batteries.

Benefits of Alkaline

All of these configurations are likely to be used on gadgets immediately after purchase, which make them suitable for use even during emergency situations. Additionally, long shelf life offered by these batteries ranging from three to four years makes them suitable for storage.

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This feature of the alkaline battery chemistry is expected to offer a competitive advantage compared to the rechargeable batteries of other chemistries. Alkaline batteries are environment-friendly, which are anticipated to be disposed as trash and do not require active collection and recycling. Moreover, those made currently by almost all the major manufactures are mercury-free and hence, do not pose any environmental pollution or hazard on disposal. This creates a positive demand for these batteries, since other rechargeable consumer batteries needs to be properly collected and recycled.

Should I Buy Lithium Batteries or Alkaline Batteries?

Additionally, the environment-friendly feature makes a consumer feel good while using these batteries as they do not pollute the environment. Moreover, they will likely favor the easy disposal, which is expected to influence them to use alkaline batteries. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3 percent to 4 percent. Wide-spread usage of alkaline batteries in the developed regions, such as the United States and western European countries, contributes to the steady demand for these batteries.

Moreover, developing countries such as China, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Kenya, among others, offer strong growth potential for this market. Although the threat from primary lithium battery chemistry and rechargeable chemistries exist, alkaline batteries offer satisfactory performance at an affordable cost in all developed countries. Hence, these batteries generate nearly 65 percent of the revenues of the primary battery chemistry market.

Usage of alkaline batteries for low-drain applications offers commendable performance with very low replacement rate. Low-drain applications include flashlights, portable radios, alarm clocks, remote controls, toys and the like. Low-drain applications dominate the alkaline battery market. Owing to the low battery replacement rate for low-drain applications, this segment witnesses a low compound annual growth rate compared with the high-drain and other applications.

Appliances for Alkaline

Other uses include medical, industrial, defense and military, among others. Medical applications use alkaline batteries as power source in specific types of infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, electronic thermometers and the like.

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Industrial applications of alkaline batteries involve usage in smoke alarms, portable transmitters, scanners, digital voltmeters, door locks, remote controls and laser pointers. Technology Assessment Alkaline Versus Primary Lithium Alkaline battery chemistry is the most dominant primary battery chemistry, contributing 65 percent of the primary battery market.

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Alkaline batteries are composed of basic alkaline electrolytes of potassium hydroxide. Watch Batteries 5. AAAA Batteries 1. View More for Product Type.

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To swallow a battery could be fatal. If this happens seek medical attention at once.

pisreseheadpo.cf If a battery has been swallowed or if you suspect that a battery has been swallowed, seek immediate medical attention! Swallowing a battery may lead to severe injuries and death.

Batteries: Alkaline vs NiMH vs Lithium-ion

Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not deform, damage, dismantle, open or short-circuit batteries. In the event of a leaking battery, do not allow liquid to come in contact with skin or eyes. If exposed to liquid, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

For rechargeable batteries, only use the intended charger. Remove batteries from the charger when fully charged. Only use batteries that are intended for the product.